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You can use the search function to find your photos - just enter in your bib number. Not every bib is viewable in the photos, those photos are entered in as bib number 00. So please search 00 if your bib number doesn't show up, or to possibly find more photos of yourself. If your bib # is not tagged in the photo you wish to purchase, you may want to send me an email first to make sure you are in focus in that particular photo. I only tag bibs that are in focus.

I only sell digital photos to download - NO PRINTS. No need to order 2 (or more) of the SAME photo. 

Photos will be cropped, exposure & color corrected as needed. The watermark will be removed before it's emailed to you. Photos are usually emailed to you the same day as ordered. If you don't receive your photos within 24 hours, please check your email spam folder and/or email me to make sure it's been sent.

Thank you!